When planning your holiday in the countryside of Britain, there are many things you need to take into account. On this page we hope to outline a few of the more important, to let you begin to enjoy your trip with the minimum of hassle.


What to do and Where to go?

When deciding where abouts in the British Isles to explore there are many things you need to consider. Our Special attractions section may give you some ideas of places to visit, but then once you know what you want to see, you need to know how you want to see it. There are of course many options, such as cycling holidays, walking holidays, and cottage holidays, but one area often missed is the canal holiday. Giving you freedom to explore, and also providing you with a mobile base to stay at night, whether you spend more time on the boat, or more time viewing the scenic countryside that surrounds many of Britain's inland waterways, the canal holiday opens up a whole new spectrum for traveling holidays


Who should I book my holiday with?

The LINKS Section of this site provides a directory of holiday companies catering to every interest and requirement. However, if you cant find what your looking for here, your local travel agent should be able to help.